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When it comes to the marketing of your business, some of the most cost effective and proven ways to market your business or organization is through Social Media.  Now there are a lot of channels to choose from within this area of opportunity, however, can be fairly easy to narrow down what direction might fit your needs best.  VanDusen Design can provide expertise, analytical research, complete management or just brief consultations to help you along this path.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more.


This is the big kahuna, the bad mamma-jamma, the King Kong of social media. After all, 30 million small business owners have Facebook pages. While the market is saturated, your competitors are almost certainly on Facebook.

Consumers expect to find any business they want to on Facebook. For this reason, it is recommended that most businesses invest resources into creating and maintaining a page.


Twitter gets its quirky name from a word meaning, “a short, inconsequential burst of information.” With its 140-character limit, the social media outlet has lived up to that definition. Twitter is the best way to get easily digestible tidbits of information directly to consumers.


It’s all about the images with this Facebook-owned platform. While it’s known for hosting pictures of food, Instagram has become so much more. You can find memes, inspirational quotes, tips and recipes right alongside the copious amount of selfies. It’s particularly great for any company that produces something tangible and visually compelling. 


LinkedIn means business. It allows users to have an online resume, search for jobs, and network with colleagues. It is often underutilized by businesses looking to use social media to drive sales. Due to its business-oriented nature, this social platform is best used for B2B marketing.


Video Catalog, We all know what YouTube is and does.  It is important.  And can be a very powerful tool.

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