Our Tools

VanDusen Design uses the best graphic design software available today. When creating custom graphics and marketing collateral, we make sure your customers know what you have to offer so they keep coming back!


The web designers at VanDusen Design create most of their phenomenal websites with Dreamweaver. From static HTML sites to heavy php coding, from CSS to ASP, this is the program to use.  Building high-class websites and applications with one of the industry's leading web authoring tools, Dreamweaver software is ideal for VanDusen Design’s web designers, web developers, and visual designers.


In the publishing world, VanDusen Design depends on efficiency, compelling content, competitiveness through design, and high-quality output. With scalable solutions for any design or editorial workflow, the Adobe InDesign family is our foundation for dynamic publishing — in both print and digital media.


Adobe Illustrator software is a comprehensive vector graphics environment with new transparency in gradients and multiple art boards that invite you to explore more efficient ways to design.  Vector art can be classified as resizable while maintaining clarity levels.  VanDusen Design utilizes this software for most company logo/corporate identity applications, as well as 90% of the print production art.


The team at VanDusen Design gets everything they need from Adobe Photoshop software, from breakthrough tools for editing 3D models and motion-based content to the performing of advanced image analysis. Virtually everything we do either revolves around or entails subtle implementations of our Photoshop work.

Photoshop software allows us to master our digital photography workflow. We can import, manage, and showcase large volumes of photographs or perfect a single image.  This is brought into every project.